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About Us




I am an artisan silver and goldsmith very creative and multicrafted. I started building my experience with jewelry, stones and metaphysic in 2001. I have had my training with a master Mexican artisan who had also inherited his knowledge and skills from an artisan and so on…Ever since I keep exploring through my creations and passions.


I am passionate about stones, minerals, crystal specimens, fossils as well as for their metaphysical and energetic properties.


I traveled North America living off my art for a dozen of years and lived in inspiring and magical places. I have explored a wide variety of cultures, wild places, deserts, mountains, forests jungles, islands, oceans, hot springs, waterfalls, energetic vortexes, crystal mines and geological sites. I was inspired by each and every one of those places and discoveries and I took the time to produce creations in almost each one of them.


I have exchanged knowledge, ideas, technics, skills and materials with other explorers of the world, life, love and energy.


I have explored and experimented with the energetic field of intention, manifestation, the stones and minerals and their properties through my experiences and learning.


I also was fortunate enough to meet geologists, gemologists and spiritual peoples that shared their knowledge with me. I also developed my knowledge on cartography and geography witch also nourished my diverse passions.


Now I share my experiences and passions with people to help plant seeds to retrieve their full power and propagate a positive energy out to the world.


My creations are in a constant evolution and are influenced by nature, the elements, various cultures, the esoterism, the metaphysic and quantic physic.,


I nourish myself from the emotions that procreate my art and it opens up doors to unlimited possibilities of creations.


I have participated in many festivals, exhibitions, shows, events, street fairs, community fairs and artisan fairs throughout North America small and big.


I have also represented my art on my own in different communities and we can find my creations all over.


I am back in Quebec now and my work is growing. I want to share the inspirations and discoveries with my roots, to help this movement that is growing in the east to bloom like in the west and south-west.


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